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You can choose a 3 Month or 1 Year Premium Membership period.
You can download all Premium Membership items during your Premium Membership period.
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Premium Access Includes:

Access and Outlook
Appointment Manager

Appointment Manager ThumbNail

With the Access and Outlook Appointment Manager you can manage all of your Outlook Calendar Appointments and Access dated information. Easily import and export your project schedules, meetings, deadlines, almost any information with a date.

Archive your old Outlook Appointments in Access to keep your records safe and remove the clutter from your calendar.  Learn more.

     Appointment Manager Screenshots

Are your emails stored in compliance with new government regulations and electronic document discovery legal requirements? Use the Email Archiver to safely store your emails for easy retrieval. Learn more.

The ScopeSight TrademarkScopeSight for Access Reports will have you producing quality Reports faster that display the precise information you need.

The ScopeSight Form

To learn more you can download the ScopeSight for Access Reports Demo or the ScopeSight Reports Help file.

Also Included:
  • Over 50 Premium Code Procedures
  • Database Change Tracker
  • Church Management Software Project with over 30,000 lines of Source Code
  • Access and Outlook Appointment Manager
  • 2007-2010 Report Builder
  • Data From Word

You also get the
Church Management Software Database with Source Code

Download the Free Version for a Preview of Features

For Users and Developers
Use to enhance your other Projects
  • Over 30,000 lines of code-Like a Code Library
  • Contacts - Keep track of contacts and clients
  • Positions - Manage employees, volunteers, groups, and jobs
  • Contributions Management
  • Search and Find User Forms
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Report Manager-Filter Reports to get exactly what you need
  • Easily Add Access Appointments to Outlook
  • Report Builder - The easy way to build new Access Reports

Report Builder

Report Builder ThumbNail

Build new Access Reports without writing code or making queries.

Data From Word is a great information gathering tool. You can email a Word Document to someone who fills out the TextBoxes, ComboBoxes, and CheckBoxes. They email it back to you. You select the document with Data From Word and click a button to automatically add the data to a Table in your database. You can save hours of endless typing and accomplish more.